Midstream Solutions

Saddle Butte has been providing customer-focused midstream solutions since its formation in 2008. The various sizes and nature of all of our projects showcases our ability to reliably and safely deliver on fast-track projects in all areas of the country, including areas with little to no existing infrastructure and extreme weather conditions.


Saddle Butte provides a variety of gathering services for crude oil, natural gas, NGLs, and produced water. Whether it is a greenfield development project in an undeveloped resource play or existing systems that are under-performing and require expansion, our team has the capabilities and resources necessary to make the project successful.


Development of interstate transportation solutions is a natural extension of our gathering expertise. Working closely with producers, Saddle Butte creates the highest value transportation solutions for crude oil, natural gas and NGLs.


Saddle Butte provides a variety of natural gas processing solutions to producers with both short- and long- term requirements. Using refrigeration or cryogenic units, we cover the spectrum from providing basic natural gas liquids recovery to NGL fractionation.


Saddle Butte offers natural gas treating services as necessary to meet delivery pipeline tariff specifications.