These guiding principles steer our decision-making.

Ethical Behavior. Act with honesty, openness, integrity and respect for others.  Treat others as you desire to be treated. There is nothing more valuable than a company with individuals of impeccable character and reputation.

Compliance. Comply with all laws and regulations. Respect the rule of law and the sanctity of contracts, formal and informal, including confidentiality agreements, vendor contacts, customer agreements, and shareholder agreements.

Customer Focus. Customers are the focus of our business and we measure ourselves by how well we satisfy our customers’ needs. Success will be achieved when we understand our customers’ needs and respond with creative solutions.

Entrepreneurial Environment. We strive for an entrepreneurial environment that empowers individuals. Our company structure encourages everyone to think and behave like an owner, respecting property rights and experiencing risk and reward.

Value. Value is created for both our customers and ourselves when we understand and address our customers’ needs.  Our goal is to continually maximize efficiencies to create value for our customers and other stakeholders.